Welcome to Cheltenham for Europe

Who are we? Cheltenham for Europe is a grass roots and non-party group which campaigns for close alignment with the European Union and for the UK to rejoin the EU as soon as possible. We are one among hundreds of pro-Europe groups in the UK and are affiliated to the UK-wide European Movement We believe... Continue Reading →

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European Movement

'We may have left the EU but we are still European' For over 70 years the European Movement has worked to build a closer relationship with the rest of Europe. The countries of the European Union, with whom we share both deeply held values and a common history, are our closest neighbours and natural trading... Continue Reading →

Liberation day, Portugal 25th of April.

I was fortunate to be in Lisbon, Portugal on 25th of April this year (2022). It was the day Portugal celebrated its 48th Liberation Day. This is the day in 1974, in what is known as ‘the Carnation Revolution’, some left-wing divisions of Portuguese Army rose up against the authoritarian, repressive military dictatorship, overthrew it... Continue Reading →

The Situation in Ukraine

A Statement by Cheltenham for Europe Like everyone, we are appalled by the unprovoked attack by Russia on its neighbour and the tragedy now unfolding in Ukraine. The war is a challenge to the very cause of peace and democracy in Europe which brought the EU into existence. No country should bomb civilians, invade a... Continue Reading →

Our Chair writes to our MP

Dear Alex David Cameron made it clear (or ‘very clear’ to use his mantra) before the referendum that the outcome would be regarded as advisory and not binding (hence, the absence of any safeguard requiring, for example, the active support of a majority of the electorate). Advice can be accepted or rejected. If it is... Continue Reading →

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