LET US BE HEARD, Parliament Square, 19th October

Once again we are going to show the politicians, that we are NOT going away and we are NOT going to allow a Conservative Prime Minister to bulldoze through a catastrophic ‘No Deal’ Brexit. We march to send a crystal clear message – we, the people, want another say. March with us and let’s save the country!

Join us on the 19th October to take to the streets once again, coaches will be leaving Cheltenham at 8 am on the 19th so make sure to book your tickets soon! Follow the link below to find out more details and book your place:


Who are we?

Cheltenham For Europe is a cross-party, collaborative, pro-EU campaigning group. We are one of over 100 similar, fast-growing organisations in the UK affiliated with Britain for Europe.  We have provided a voice to thousands of supporters in Cheltenham.  Please come and see us at our Street Stall in town and/or join us at our speaker events and rallies.

Your support is essential to help ensure the final decision on leaving the EU comes back to the people.  For just £10 you can help by becoming a Member of Cheltenham For Europe (we welcome Student Members for free) or by offering a further donation.

Please spread the word on social media too – simply follow the links at the bottom of the page.

Get involved before it’s too late!