Cheltenham for Europe

Get involved before it’s too late…

On Saturday 23rd March, we at Cheltenham4Europe will join the People’s Vote march in central London once more to demonstrate our support for another vote and our opposition to the Government’s approach to Brexit. Please join us – you will be made to feel very welcome even if you’ve never joined the campaign before. There are coaches going from Cheltenham – please click on the link below to find out more and book your seat:

Your support is essential to help ensure the final decision on leaving the EU comes back to the people.  For just £10 you can help by becoming a Member of Cheltenham For Europe (we welcome Student Members for free) or by offering a further donation.

Please spread the word on social media too – simply follow the links at the bottom of the page.

Who are we?

Cheltenham For Europe is a cross-party, collaborative, pro-EU campaigning group. We are one of over 100 similar, fast-growing organisations in the UK affiliated with Britain for Europe.  We have provided a voice to thousands of supporters in Cheltenham.  Please come and see us at our Street Stall in town and/or join us at our speaker events and rallies.

Our Mission

As a town, Cheltenham voted 56% Remain and most recent polls now put this at 62%.  Cheltenham For Europe is a grassroots, cross-party group dedicated to remaining in the European Union.  Our current mission is to secure a People’s Vote with the option to Remain.

We believe that:

  • It is in the UK’s political, economic and social interests to remain part of the most progressive and democratic regional intergovernmental organisation in history
  • Young people and future generations of British citizens should have the best possible prospects for their education and their careers as citizens of a free and united Europe
  • British society will continue to prosper from the close interaction and exchange of goods, ideas and culture that we have with the rest of the EU member states
  • The EU embodies the values that we recognise as British values, including democracy, justice, tolerance, collaboration, human rights and the rule of law


Come and talk to us in town this weekend.

You will find us most Saturdays on Cheltenham High Street. We are talking to people about Brexit, listening to their concerns and explaining why we believe that the People’s Vote is the best way forward.  Please pop by.  It is all friendly and we post our Street Stall details on Facebook (times and locations), so please click on the link below or look for Chelt4Europe (Public) on Facebook.

Guest Speakers

We often arrange speakers with expertise on Brexit and the EU to come and share their knowledge.  Details for these events are posted on Facebook and Twitter, so please follow us via the links below for more information.