A supporter writes to his MP

Dear xxxx When people voted in the EU referendum last year, little was known about what a future deal with the European Union would look like. Sixteen months on, it is now very unlikely that any deal will be able to provide the same easy terms of trade and commerce with our most prosperous neighbours... Continue Reading →

Should we have another referendum?

I don’t like the use of referendums for major national constitutional issues, but am reluctantly coming round to the view that they are now an established part of our (unwritten) constitution.  There have been three UK-wide referendums (in 1975 and 2016 on EU membership; in 2011 on the Alternative Vote system).  They have also been... Continue Reading →

Julie Girling loses the whip

The Conservatives have removed the whip from two of their MEPs, Julie Girling and their former Leader in the European Parliament Richard Ashworth, for voting in favour of a non-binding European Parliament resolution which noted that “sufficient progress has not yet been made” in the Brexit talks to move to the second phase, but also... Continue Reading →

Open letter to Alex Chalk MP

Dear Alex Chalk We write as a group of concerned constituents. Brexit poses the most serious challenge that Britain has faced since 1945.  Decisions taken in the next few months will shape our country for years to come.  There are many issues at stake but the questions we ask below are of such importance to... Continue Reading →

What could our students and young people lose if we leave the EU?

The EU commits €2.1 billion annually to supporting and developing young people through the Erasmus+ programme by: Helping undergraduates study at other European universities Promoting voluntary work opportunities through EVS Facilitating work placements and internships, helped by our EU Twin Town connections Involving young people in Youth Exchanges, with emphasis given to those with fewer... Continue Reading →

How many Tiers can the EU accommodate?

  The top Tier of the Eurozone, along with the Schengen area, has the greatest integration. The current German and French governments want this to deepen, with an “ever-greater union”, even incorporating closer military cooperation. A second Tier is where the UK sits by choice. Always reluctant to be wholehearted about commitment to the European... Continue Reading →


When thinking about the personal relationship between Remainers and Leavers, I remember how very determined Professor Mike Dougan (Constitutional Law, Liverpool), was that we Remainers hold Leavers responsible for the depredations they have generated - it is our job to take Leavers to task for the damage they have (already) done. Leavers are responsible for... Continue Reading →

The Centre Party

There's a lot of talk about the creation of a new centre party (The Democrats?) which, apparently, has finance waiting for it as well as serious political backers - Blair & Major have been mentioned. Maybe it's much to be desired - but will it work? I should state my position - I'm a disappointed... Continue Reading →

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