A supporter writes to his MP

Dear xxxx

When people voted in the EU referendum last year, little was known about what a future deal with the European Union would look like.

Sixteen months on, it is now very unlikely that any deal will be able to provide the same easy terms of trade and commerce with our most prosperous neighbours as we currently have.

This is why I believe you, as my MP, should have a meaningful vote on the deal struck with the EU – and why everyone in the country should also then be entitled to a vote on the deal.

I urge you, by November 9th, to add your name to four amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill.

• Amendment 7: ensures that Parliament has a vote on the Deal. This is an amendment tabled by Conservative MP Dominic Grieve. It has cross-party support.

• Amendment 120: provides for a referendum on the Deal before we leave the EU.

• Amendment 124: ensures that any deal negotiated by the Government must keep Britain in the Single Market.

• Amendment 131: preserves the rights of EU Citizens after Brexit.

I also want the Government to provide a guarantee that, whatever happens, EU citizens in the UK will be protected after Brexit and that we will stay in the Single Market. This is why I want you to also sign amendment 124 and 131.

I look forward to receiving confirmation that you have signed these amendments or your explanation if you are unable to or unwilling to.

Yours sincerely

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