The Situation in Ukraine

A Statement by Cheltenham for Europe

Like everyone, we are appalled by the unprovoked attack by Russia on its neighbour and the tragedy now unfolding in Ukraine. The war is a challenge to the very cause of peace and democracy in Europe which brought the EU into existence.

No country should bomb civilians, invade a sovereign state or cause a humanitarian crisis on the scale we now witness. Cheltenham for Europe therefore supports the action of the Cheltenham Twinning Association in breaking off its links with the Russian city of Sochi until such time as Russia adheres once more to civilised standards.

As a group that supports the European ideal, we stand in solidarity and deep sympathy with the people of Ukraine. We welcome Europeans from across the continent as friends and seek wherever possible to work across borders to make the lives of citizens better. So, we congratulate the EU on its humanitarian response to the crisis and call on our own government to do all it can to match the EU’s unconditional generosity to refugees.

Whatever view is taken of Brexit, the current crisis demonstrates the inextricable bonds that bind us to other countries in Europe. We call on our government to put aside all hostility to the EU and work with them to make our shared continent a safe place once more. And we call on our MP to encourage his government to act in this way.

Flo Clucas, Chair Cheltenham for Europe


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