Julie Girling loses the whip

The Conservatives have removed the whip from two of their MEPs, Julie Girling and their former Leader in the European Parliament Richard Ashworth, for voting in favour of a non-binding European Parliament resolution which noted that “sufficient progress has not yet been made” in the Brexit talks to move to the second phase, but also called for concrete proposals “to speed up work”. Go HERE for more details.

Julie Girling is an ardent Remainer who spoke to Cheltenham for Europe earlier in the year. We wrote to her:

“You may recall that you came and spoke to us in Cheltenham earlier this year. You impressed our group with your frank view of the Brexit process and your thorough explanation of the role of the European Parliament and of MEPs.

“Thank you for voting as you did last week. However frustrating it may be for the government here, it is plain for all to see that there has been very little progress in the negotiations – your vote was therefore no more than a reflection of that truth. So it is truly dreadful that the whip should now be withdrawn from you.: indeed it is shameful, when the extreme rantings of Jacob Rees-Mogg etc. go unchecked.

“We continue to fight against what millions see as the worst self inflicted wound in modem British history. The nearer Brexit comes, the more dreadful it looks. Thank you for reminding us that we have not been abandoned by all politicians.”

Julie replied thanking us for our email and saying that “your kind words of support are very much appreciated” 

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