How many Tiers can the EU accommodate?


The top Tier of the Eurozone, along with the Schengen area, has the greatest integration. The current German and French governments want this to deepen, with an “ever-greater union”, even incorporating closer military cooperation.

A second Tier is where the UK sits by choice. Always reluctant to be wholehearted about commitment to the European ideal. Is this where we “Remainers” want to remain?

A third Tier might be construed as the EEA and EFTA groupings: access without any representation in decision making. It was this level that many Leavers aspired to.

Of course, neither the current government nor the Labour opposition want any of these. They want to be out of the single market and the customs union but still have access – a sort of fantasy fourth Tier.

But what of we Remainers? Are we going to insist on the status quo – Tier two? Will we accept the compromise of Tier three? A negotiated deal with the EU that might satisfy Leavers too.

How about the ultra-Remain position: full commitment to joining the Euro, accepting Schengen and being right up there at the top of the EU tree.

I just don’t think that Remain is as simple anymore. The debate is complex, the fantasists are in charge and the whole thing may well end in Tiers.


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