The Centre Party

There’s a lot of talk about the creation of a new centre party (The Democrats?) which, apparently, has finance waiting for it as well as serious political backers – Blair & Major have been mentioned. Maybe it’s much to be desired – but will it work?

I should state my position – I’m a disappointed Tory. It’s becoming harder and harder to give them my vote and a new centre party could work for me. And, I suspect, thousands like me on both sides of the aisle.

So, will a new centre party work? I wonder. Historically, new parties have a problem – our First Past The Post (FPTP) system being a major one. Then there’s the Single Issue issue – because at least initially that’s what the new party would be. ‘What’, the media would ask, ‘is your policy on x, y and z?’ And as, for the new party to work, it would have to be joined and supported by MPs from all parties, answering that question might be difficult.

However, one upside to it being joined by sitting MPs is that it might beat the FPTP system – local constituencies can show a remarkable loyalty to sitting MPs – vide Carswell.

Whatever, it will take time – and we only have 18 months to defeat Brexit. We need a short-term fix and I believe there is only one: all pro-Eu MPs, of whatever party, need to create a voting bloc that will work together to kill Brexit and ensure we Remain. For all other matters they can go back to their tribes and follow their leaders – on this matter it’s country first. One or two MPs can be labelled ‘traitors’ and denied their party whip – but dozens?

So, MP Remainers, it’s time to fess up and to behave in the principled manner your electorate expects. And we Remainers must encourage them.


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