Press Release – General Election Result

Cheltenham for Europe encouraged in its fight against Brexit

Cross-party organisation Cheltenham for Europe is disappointed that its preferred candidate, Martin Horwood, was not elected in Cheltenham, but is determined to seek a constructive dialogue with Alex Chalk MP, whom it congratulates on his win.

Cheltenham for Europe Chair, Philip Cole, said, “The Prime Minister called this election in the hope that the public would give her an enhanced majority to force through her version of Brexit. The electorate ignored her plea. While we must await a more in-depth analysis of who voted for what and why, one thing the election has demonstrated is the need for pro-Europeans to continue making their voices heard”.

He continued, “We in Cheltenham are proud of our European values and remain convinced that the UK’s future lies in Europe. The disaster of Brexit must be stopped.  We believe it can be stopped.  And the solution lies with us, the people. Together, we can hold the government to account to prevent the catastrophe that is Brexit”

Cheltenham for Europe is also disappointed that the Leader of the Labour Party
is committed to Brexit, despite so many pro-European young people voting for him.

Across the UK, Britain for Europe’s 40 affiliated groups and 30,000 members and supporters will be fighting Brexit every step of the way, with more joining our movement every day.