Press Release – EU negotiations start

Formal Negotiations – Step One on the Road to Oblivion

In the post-election confusion and the horror of the Grenfell Tower fire, one fact seems to have been overlooked: formal negotiations with the EU on a ‘Brexit’ deal start on Monday, 19 June. With the latest opinion poll showing that a relative majority of people want the UK to stay in the EU, we call on MPs to ditch Theresa May’s costly vanity project – which can only be kept afloat for a few months through a grubby deal with the DUP that threatens the peace process and complicates Brexit further.

Philip Cole, Chairman of Cheltenham for Europe, said, “People need to stand up and speak out against the artificial consensus that Brexit is either desirable or inevitable. It is not. It is becoming increasingly clear that access to the Single Market is essential to the survival of the British economy. And the customs union must be maintained. It is hardly surprising that more and more people are saying it is time to think again about Brexit

“Cheltenham for Europe believes that seeking the ‘closest possible relationship with the EU’ means in effect striving to remain a member of the EU. Young people’s future is at stake. Their voices need to be heard on this subject as they were in the election last week”.

Cheltenham for Europe is a cross-party grass-roots group dedicated to keeping Cheltenham and the UK at the heart of Europe.  It is affiliated with Britain for Europe.