Press Release – Cheltenham for Europe criticises Corbyn

Cheltenham for Europe criticises Corbyn

Cheltenham for Europe strongly criticises the stance taken by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn over Brexit. On Tuesday, Corbyn stated, ‘the issue of whether Brexit happens has been settled’.

Cheltenham for Europe’s chairman, Philip Cole, said, ‘By taking this line, the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition is neither leading nor opposing. He is repeating the meaningless Brexit-means-Brexit mantra of the Prime Minister, disloyally ignoring the 73% of the electorate who did not vote to leave, and is apparently ignorant of the damage that any kind of Brexit will do to the British economy’.

Cheltenham for Europe believes that there is one over-riding issue in this General Election – that of continued membership of the EU. The group do, however, believe that a UK economy that can afford to invest in public services is more likely in the EU than outside it.

Cole continued, ‘Thanks to our membership of the European Union we have had over seventy years of peace in Europe. In economic terms we are no longer the Sick Man of Europe and thanks to progressive environmental legislation we are no longer the Dirty Man of Europe’.