Press Release – Cheltenham for Europe supports Martin Horwood


Cheltenham for Europe supports Martin Horwood

Cheltenham for Europe believes it is important to elect an MP who reflects Cheltenham’s pro-EU stance.  Our advice to members, supporters and the general public is to vote for the candidate with a record of opposition to Brexit and support for the European Union, and who has a chance of winning at this General Election. We recommend that our members and supporters make a strategic choice to ensure this.

We have decided that the local candidate who most meets our objectives and has a realistic chance of winning in Cheltenham is Martin Horwood.

Cheltenham for Europe’s chairman, Philip Cole, said, ‘In supporting Martin Horwood we have taken no account of any issue except that of continued membership of the EU – at the very least, the need to avoid a hard Brexit. We do, however, believe that a UK economy that can afford to invest in public services is more likely in the EU than outside it’.

Cole continued, ‘Thanks to our membership of the European Union we have had over seventy years of peace in Europe. In economic terms we are no longer the Sick Man of Europe and thanks to progressive environmental legislation we are no longer the Dirty Man of Europe.

‘Young people, in particular: your vote matters. This is about your future’.

Cheltenham for Europe is an independent organisation, not affiliated to any political party, with supporters from all the main parties.