We believe

We believe
• It is in the UK’s political, economic and social interests to remain in the EU
• Future generations have the best prospects as citizens of a free and united Europe
• The EU embodies the values that we recognize as British values, including democracy, justice, tolerance, collaboration, human rights and the rule of law
• No organization or country is perfect, but each of us is stronger when we are united.

Why would leaving the EU matter?
It matters to our economy – most experts believe the UK is heading for a self-made economic tragedy, with less investment, lower incomes, fewer jobs and less money for the NHS etc.
It matters to our country – the future of the UK is in peril: with pressures for an independent Scotland and united Ireland. If this happens our standing in the world will decline
It matters to our politics – vast amounts of new UK-based bureaucracy will be required to replace EU laws, and there will be no time to deal with other pressing issues, like the NHS, education etc.
It matters to us as consumers and workers, and to the environment – European standards that protect us will be weakened in a desperate effort to find new markets
It matters to our future – Our young people will have fewer job prospects, our universities will no longer lead in science.

But it’s not too late
• We should demand the right in 2019 to reconsider the outcome of the referendum
• To prepare for this, we must keep up the pressure on MPs and MEPs to prevent the government committing an unforgivable act of national self-harm that will affect us all.

Brexit must, can and will be stopped

Join us – take our message to the people and to Parliament